Monday, 24 September 2012

Flight or fight when disaster strikes

I wrote this article some time ago, and thought that now, being asked the question on many occasions, this would be an apt time to re-run this often complex and throught provoking issue.

When disaster strikes, whether man-made or natural, and events turn so serious that one ponders on the issue as to whether to batten down the hatches and stay at home, or to brave the elements and evac to a safer place...As you will see from my article, all is not black and white and many 'tick boxes' have to be checked either way..... Read on... (Introduction only here, I have included the link below to read the whole article)

In a time of crisis, extreme emergency or pending disaster the majority of individuals have an inbuilt ‘survival chip’, this where the chemical in our body kicks in to inject a dose of adrenalin. The reactive condition is commonly known as ‘fight or flight’, whether to stay and combat the situation, or to use a little common sense and retreat or back off to fight another day.

In extreme and sudden examples this is demonstrated by sheer individual strength to overcome a life threatening situation, such as a mother lifting a vehicle off a trapped child, or developing a sudden ‘super power’ speed to overcome an animal attack and so on.

However, in our scenario we are dealing with a more longer-term situation, and up to a point the reactive conditioning will be similar, but coming in waves and troughs over a prolonged period and at a much lesser level

This reaction then may also be related to a situation of a communal or local disaster. When disaster strikes either, whether of natural or man-made origin, one has to decide remain in the home location or to evacuate to somewhere ‘safer’.

This decision will be one, if not THE, biggest decision you will ever make, and it comes with many caveats and complexities, The one standing major issue is that this life changing decision will be your (and your family’s) choice, and once taken will have be followed through with all its consequences. This is a decision not to be taken lightly, and depends on many circumstances and issues of preparedness that we will now go through.

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Saturday, 22 September 2012

EMP -Electro magnetic Pulse event

The possibility of an EMP event appears to be an increasing topic of conversation on many fronts - military, government and prepper forums etc..
An event of this kind may be the result of either a nuclear explosion in the atmosphere or the result of a major X class Solar mass ejection geo directive - headed this way -
The result being that all unprotected electronic equipment, computers, iphones vehicles with computerised parts etc etc will all cease functioning immediatley after the blast.

The worrying issue is, as you may hear in the below audio, the governments and military are concentrating on a possible nuke/EMP event genereated by Iran... all false flag talk - in my humble opinion we will more than likely experience an EMP event triggered by our sun first!!

For a full background of the effects of an EMP event read my article in my 'Are You Prepared  for a Jericho type event' and the section on this subject

Basically if we are 'hit' with an EMP event we will literally slip rapidly back into the 'dark ages'

Now listen to the audio interview with Dr Peter Vincent who has served with the White House and government sections for some years and is an advisor on EMP for the Homeland security