Saturday, 21 July 2007

Safe Survival and Preparedness

In November of 2006, I commenced a blog here to discuss the preparedness and survival techniques/planning for natural and man made disasters, and how to cope with emergency situations.

This new blog now supercedes the old blog, and hopefully readers will find this of great use, especially with the advent of increasing severe weather events.

I have been operating the safesurvival and Preparedness site for nearly six years, and in that time we have witnessed many increased natural disasters - the information provided here is to assist those in time of such disasters and to cope with the aftermath.

Please join us and spread the word.Please feel free to add your comments and questions as we progress through the build up to preparedness month and beyond.In the meantime, please check our website and our safe survival forum


ambilac said...

UK - Severe weather alerts

Britain had 16 severe weather alerts on the morning of Saturday July 21st

Now Gordon Brown - the new PM says
Lessons must be learned from the floods.
Well - this is exactly what my site has been trying to do for the last 6 years.
Hopefully people will now begin to take some serious steps, especially the governments concerned - and not only in UK but globally

ambilac said...

Some parts of England will be at "serious risk of flooding" on Sunday, says the Environment Agency.
There are eight severe flood warnings in place for Sunday, covering Oxfordshire, Berkshire and parts of London.

More than 750 people stranded in cars, caravans, houses and boats were rescued from flooding in Worcestershire.

Prime Minister Gordon Brown has praised the emergency services and promised money and help for resident

My comment:
I am continually amazed how, not only in UK, that governments are always 'caught unawares' and that 'lessons have to be learnt' - seems like excuses to me.. I knew these heavy rains and floods would occur weeks we already suffered some major floods in certain parts - and in fact I gave out a cautionary preparedenss warning months ago on BBC Radio Wales, on the Roy Noble show to expect severe weather this year...seems many do not want to hear and like the proverbial Ostrich buries its head on the sand!
Oh well - we continue to 'do our bit' and at least offer some kind of preparedness advice, it may save some in the end.

ambilac said...

Some parts of the affected flood hit areas in UK are now short of clean drinking water - in addition, power outages will soon occur.

I also hear from local people in Gloucester that police have been called in to a local supermarket as there have been fights breaking out over the purchase of bottled water.
This is a sign of the times - many people have seen nothing as yet - wait until the big crunch occurs - B prepared now!

ambilac said...

UK floods sitrep:
The latest today - July 23 - is, I quote from BBC news source...

"flooding crisis in central and southern England continues as Britain's two biggest rivers, the Severn and the Thames, threaten to overflow."

Many homes are also without power after an electricity substation in Gloucester was closed after flooding

Severn Trent Water says 150,000 homes are without water in Gloucestershire after a treatment works was flooded.
Elsewhere in Gloucestershire, 43,000 homes were left without power after a major electricity substation was turned off because of the rising water
The Environment Agency has described the situation in the south-west Midlands and Oxfordshire is "critical

ambilac said...

Monday - UK flood latest
10:35 am
Water has begun to breach the city's flood defences at Westgate.

Westgate Island has flooded, and the water is halfway across the carriageway at The Quay.

More to follow

ambilac said...

UK floods -Latest at 13:00

48,000 homes now without power - while a further 500,000 will possibly be without power later today.

Up to 350,000 people in Gloucestershire will be left without water within the next 15 hours, as the River Severn and the Thames threaten to overflow.

Water suppliers said taps at 150,000 homes had already run dry

We can see the crisis unfold as per the 'formula'

Next stage - be wary of shortage of bottled water (already starting to run out) - and looting of houses as the owners leave for safer areas -

Health risks - unknown obstacles carried under the water, and health risk of contaminated water

ambilac said...

UK floods latest

Emergency services are battling to deliver supplies to the 350,000 people across Gloucestershire who have been without running water since Sunday.

Police urged people to stay calm, as there would be enough for everyone. we have witnessed today the 'disaster formula' pans out - e.g
Disaster - panic - disorganisation and unpreparedness by government and anarchy by the people -i.e water is being rationed to two packs of 24 small bottles to each family - as seen on the news, many people are trying to load many packs in cars, supermarket trolleys and anything else they can get their hands on

ambilac said...

There are still 130,000 without water in parts of Gloucester - and those who do have some running water, it is not safe for drinking.
Boiling well is recommended.

They are now talking of upping the water bills to pay for the cost of the clean up, even though the water utility company concerned earned a whopping profit last year

Pets in disasters
As mentioned in one of my articles, do not forget your pets during these times - check the article on pets out on our site.

See here for some animal rescue pictures by the RSPCA

ambilac said...

will be with Mitch Battros on his show at tonight at 9pm PST/ (4am GMT friday morning)
We will be discussing the recent severe weather events, solar anomalies and the idea of ancient weather cycles etc

Please drop in

ambilac said...

Apologies for a few days blank here - so many events and so much to prepare etc - tempis fugit as they say, and it certainly is!

So many events in the past few days, floods, fires and quakes to namke a few.
The most recent event being the tragic and disastrous earthquake in Peru - a mag 8 - they are still searching and cleaning up.

Now, we have Hurricane DEAN - a category 4, and a most dangerous one - heading towards Jamaica as I type this, and due evening of August 19 - while the strong probablity of Texas being hit my mid week is on the cards - call in to our site for updates and for all preparation guides at -

In the meantime I will be updating here at regular intervals and on our forum, which everyone is welcome to join free - see our site

Remember - B safe B wise B prepared SURVIVE

ambilac said...

Dean will be hitting Jamaica later today - about early afternoon GMT - it is currently a dangerous cat 4 hurricane and major damage is expected - in front of Dean, areas have been issued with Tropical storm warnings - by Tuesday an elongated hurricane will affect the yucatan peninsula of Mexico and wednesday-thursday will possibly hit inner landfall and Texas.

There is a distinct possibility that DEAN may develop into a cat 5 at some point

A tropical storm watch is in effect for central Cuba from Ciego de Avila to Matanzas plus Isla de la Juventud.

Remember that watches mean that conditions are possible within 36 hours; warnings mean that conditions are expected within 24 hours.

For those of you affected and anyone interested please follow the links on our site at -

More news as it comes in

ambilac said...

Residents are preparing for a major hit with DEAN later today - about lunchtime GMT.

A possibility of the current cat 4 may be strengthened to a cat 5 - a most dangerous storm.

A state of emergency has been declared in Louisiana and a declaration of emergency signed in Texas in readiness for state assistance should DEAN hit US mainland
Keep tuned in here and at our Hurricane watch site;

ambilac said...

Dean is due to hit Jamaica at 19:00 GMT/UTC (20:00 BST)

I will follow progress and effects throughout the evening and post updates here.
In the meantime, see how residents of Jamaica are preparing for Dean - see BBC news site who have published emails from residents describing how they are preparing..

ambilac said...

While Jamaica manged to 'escape' a major disaster, they did have some damage - theya re now mopping up..However, the Cayman islands are about to get sideswiped with a strengthening Dean - possibly a cat 5.
By tuesday midday GMT/UTC the storm will hit head-on the Yucatan peninsula and Mexico
This is a deadly storm..all preparation to protect life and limb should have been put in action

Please follow the live links on our site at

ambilac said...

While Dean progresses via Mexico, Jamaica and areas hit by its path are mopping up - much devastation and many lives were saved by the preparation put in place, both by individuals and organisations.

This goes to show, that with careful preparation and safety precautions, life and property may be saved.
However, never get blase' and keep safe and prepared for anything in these unsettled times.