Monday, 2 January 2012

Are we going to feel the economic and global ice cold freeze in 2012?

Last year, 2011, the US for example, experienced 99 major natural disasters alone, causing claims totalling 35 Billion bucks in insurance  - and still yet more claims are in the offering.
2011 witnessed  major global disasters such as floods, fires, earthquakes and tsunami - all of which are yet to feel the backlash on our economic climate.
Russia, one of the three main world grain suppliers, suffered massive fires, resulting in a large drop in grain supply and thus for Russia to stop grain exports.
The same story unfolds in many other parts of the world - in addition, with the issues and problems with the Euro, 2012 looks to give way to some scary economic situations.

The tragic earthquake and resulting tsunami in Japan, caused not only many deaths, but opened up a barrel of questions on the use of Nuclear power plant operations...the radiation has still not been cleaned up, and there are many reports of the West coast of US with high radiation counts, and only this week we have observed many tons of wreckage from Fukishima being washed up on the coasts of British Columbia..

All of the above is causing what we know as the 'Domino effect' - eventually all our reserves will be depleted. This has been known for some time, which is why many Economists and bankers in the know have already left American soil for more eastern shores - and the opnes in the know and still at home are preparing to bunker down and buying up major shares, food supplies and equipment to ride the storm out.

I have not even mentioned the strong possibility of severe weather events that are forecast for 2012, which will also affect our daily lives and cost of living.
My advice, for what it is worth, is to start to prepare now, there is no harm in prepping up, and to sort out your larder and home supplies - remember B safe B Prepared B wise SURVIVE

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