Sunday, 1 January 2012

Electro magnetic pulse - you have been zapped!

Following on from my 2012 introduction, readers may find this article I wrote some time ago - it is a chapter in the on-going and developing freely available on-line publication 'Are You Prepared for a 'Jericho-type' Event?' (From the idea of the TV series 'Jericho' where the premise is based upon the triggering of a number of nuclear blasts on US soil.

This chapter concerns an EMP - or Electro Magnetic Pulse event, whether caused by a major solar electromagnetic storm or man-made, the result is the same.... I include the intro here with the direct link.

Chapter 5 - High Power Microwave HPM - or, Get out of the Kitchen!
You awake one morning and discover your digital radio alarm clock is blank, not even flashing the display of '12:00' which normally occurs when there has been a temporary power outage. You reach for your non digital watch and discover you have overslept by 45 minutes - cursing you try the other radios and TV in the house and find... nadder! you try the house lights, again nadder -You check your mobile phone, no signal, so you try and ring a family member from the house landline to see what has happened..again..silence on the line!
You go outside and notice a few neighbours across the street attempting to start their cars, with no success, you also notice there are a few vehicles lying abandoned in the middle of the road. You try to start your vehicle - absolutely dead as a dodo! Suddenly, in the distance you hear a vehicle, not the sound of your 'normal' modern day engine relying on all those complex computerised chips, but the typical engine noise of a carburettor and plug system. It is old Joe who runs a VW workshop in town, trundling down the road in his pride and joy a 1969 VW transporter.
You scratch your head and go inside to make that morning cup of coffe and curse when you realise again there is no power.
You now realise someting very serious and odd has occurred!
This would be the initial effect of an Electro Magnetic pulse (EMP) EVENT.
The event can be caused by natural means, such as a major solar storm, or man-made by the reaction of a nuclear explosion high up in the atmosphere. Or, in today's modern technological orientated world, an 'E' bomb! - You have been well and truly 'zapped'!

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