Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Preparedness?? why bother it will not happen here!

My title of this post just about sums the attitude of the majority...when I ask people what preparedness activities they have been organising in case of an event, no matter how minor, the usual reply why bother? ..the 'authorities' will come to our assistance'..or, I will go down to the store and get a few days of supplies in, no 'problem'..or 'Preparedness? that's what those weird folks in the woods do!'
The slightest disaster can creep up like a 'thief in the night' when you least expect it, whether it is a local minor power outage, ot a major general disaster..
Aeons ago in the early 1960's I recall watching a western movie, typical 'cowboys and Indians'; ('them and us' etc) where some 'dude' sitting in a stagecoach says in reply to 'watch out for the indians'..'Injuns? there 'ain't no darn Injuns round this place' - within seconds an arrow came whizzing through the open carriage window and killed him outright~!  so much for 'it ain't going to happen 'round here'..

Being prepared is a natural phenomena in our culture..unfortunately, 'our modern culture' has lost the plot due to the many modern methods of supply, living and eating habits..Some years ago I started an online book with this in mind, based on the American television series 'Jericho', whereby a nuclear device is exploded on US soil and we follow the aftermath of survival, practical solutions and the pychological fall out.. you can read some of my chapters here..


Follow the links on that page to continue with the reading and links.

Bear in mind that there is an average of only 73 hours in the turn around of food supplies to all supermarkets...once tranpsort is delayed or stopped for any reason, the shelves of your local grocery store will soon be emptied!

Bear in mind...when the crunch comes and a disaster is upon us the 'authorities' will be too busy sorting out their own issues and challenges and will be over worked ..expect no help for some time..when the crunch comes be prepared to be on your own!

I have covered this scenario, including help for the very young and 'seniors; and pets etc in my preparedness site - www.ambilacuk.com/safesurvival where many aspects and subject areas are covered.

In addition, we have recently witnessed one of the most sudden and severe storms on the East coast of the States, where major power outages were experienced, and a number of people killed, and all this in the middle of a major heatwave.
It appears it could be many days before power supplies are fixed..

'Natural news' have published what I consider a very apt and succinct article on this scenario and the apathetic approach to preparedness...

10 sobering realizations the Eastern U.S. power grid failure is teaching us about a real collapse

By Mike Adams editor

See here;

A very useful and succinct article Mike, saves me writing one up! Many thanks..

I urge you all to take the subject of preparedness seriously..as I always say - B safe B wise
B prepared SURVIVE..

Take care all

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/036355_natural_disaster_power_grid_preparedness.html#ixzz1zYN3Dlbb

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JaneofVirginia said...

I think things are changing. Although I have been involved in preparedness for years, most people thought it a waste of their time, but no more. Now, everywhere I go, people are either installing hand pumps for wells so that they have water during outages, or they have extra emergency food supplies, or they are considering what they would do if the shop nearest them closed, because so many have. I think the tide is finally turning.