Thursday, 26 July 2012

Readiness - Preparedness and understanding for future events

There has been a host of diverse events over the last month or so concerning the global economic situation, the extremes of weather (droughts and floods) extreme solar activity, lack of crops and hike of food prices - so much so it is difficult to know where to start!
In addition we have witnessed recently the tragic shooting event in a Denver, colorado, cinema where 12 people were killed and many injured - some would say a bizarre and complex event that is yet to be completely understood - so many variables, missing pieces of information and 'lack of evidence' concerning the actual timing of the incident
Whatever one would think, it was indeed a tragic event especially for the friends and family for all concerned.

The question is, will we witness more events like this?

It is this question I will address and the complex and heated debate of the issue of firearms and the 'right' to bear them....and indeed are they 'effective' and even necessary...a hot topic..I will look at both sides of the argument - coming up in the next article before the end of July.

I am also compiling an article on 'Phase 2' of my earlier article on 'The time for Preparedness is Now!'... are we ready for a major disaster? whether natural or man-made? and how to recognise the signs - which we are already experiencing!

London Olympics Games XXX Olympiad - I will also touch on this upcoming event as we have received a number of 'heads up' of a possible 'false flag' so called terrorist attack - we will take a cautionary look at the possibility of such an 'attack' and what it may incur.

Keep tuned in...
Remember - B safe - B wise B prepared SURVIVE!

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